Posted by: torrentado | October 20, 2008

Heroes Season 1 COMPLETE




Total Size: 8.52GB
24 Episodes Including Unaired  Episode

00 Unaired 698.18MB
01 Genesis 348.12MB
02 Don’t Look Back 347.78MB
03 One Giant Leap 349.59MB
04 Collision 349.72MB
05 Hiros 349.63 MB
06 Better Halves 349.02MB
07 Nothing to Hide 349.6MB
08 Seven Minutes to Midnight 349.52MB
09 Homecoming 349.64MB
10 Six Months Ago 349.68MB
11 Fallout 349.56MB
12 Godsend 349.02MB
13 The Fix 349.33MB
14 Distractions 349.6MB
15 Run! 349.41MB
16 Unexpected 349.48MB
17 Company Man 349.52MB
18 Parasite 349.6MB
19 .07% 348.96MB
20 Five Years Gone 348.52MB
21 The Hard Part 349.42MB
22 Landslide 349.41MB
23 How to Stop an Exploding Man 348.95MB


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